WordPress Development


WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, widely around now powers 30 percent of the web on WordPress. we offer reliable WordPress website development services to global clients. We provide customized services as per your unique web application, web design, & eCommerce requirements.

It is compatible with most of the platforms that are available in the market today. WordPress has recently launched its retina-ready administrative feature and responsive modules. Its growing popularity has made it the world’s most popular open source blogging platform. It is highly robust and its open source platform allows even a non-technical user to upload a web page or make changes to the existing content and media easily without having to necessarily have programming knowledge or expertise. the development of Wordpress took place to offer striking typography however now it has converted into a powerful platform useful in building blogs and presently it is useful to develop a highly functional eCommerce website.

WordPress users have the liberty to either create and develop their own custom themes or use the default available themes based on their knowledge and skill. Our solutions have an easy drag and drop functions that allow for the addition of media to the blog posts. It is possible to display content in a gallery or slideshow as per user’s choice. Easy export of content is possible and tracking site statistics is easier with WordPress based solutions. We utilize the language settings to cater to a wider international audience. There are two types of language settings a) Blog Language and b) Interface Language that help us reach an international audience.


BBenefits OF Wordpress


Although WordPress was originally designed to support blogging and related types of online publishing, it also powers a wide range of sites with other purposes. WordPress is used to run complex sites for large multinational corporations, manage small businesses, and create personal blogs.


A WordPress site can be installed and up and running in a matter of minutes, even without any technical expertise. All a user needs is a domain name and a web hosting account. WordPress can be installed free through your WordPress hosting provider or uploaded directly from WordPress.org.


WordPress themes offer users an array of choices for fine-tuning the appearance and functions of a new site, thanks to its large and growing directory basic and premium of themes. Many of these are instantly available to a new site owner through the WordPress theme directory and thousands more can be purchased through design marketplaces and third-party designers from around the world.


WordPress includes all the elements needed to create a basic site, but many users want more specialized functions related to a site’s specific needs. The WordPress plugin directory includes hundreds of plugins small pieces of code designed to perform specific tasks that allow users to add features such as shopping carts, galleries, contact forms and more to any compatible site.


WordPress theme frameworks are intended to be used as a parent theme template where all the functionality resides. Developers can then create a child theme to add custom styling while leaving the functionality aspects of it to the framework. This allows for a centralised location where all the functions are hosted.


Used on more than 270,000 websites, Genesis is a popular commercial framework that anyone can purchase and download. Genesis comes in multiple tiered plans with added features at higher rates, including unlimited websites and around the clock support. Genesis also includes several pre-made Child themes for faster designing.


Divi is a versatile framework and site builder that offers a range of features and functions for creating websites of all kinds. Divi offers drag and drop functionality for users without coding and web development experience as well as a robust set of tools for developers. Users can also purchase several Child themes for Divi.


Themify includes an array of features for customizing layout options and other elements such as galleries, maps, and sliders. Themify includes a styling panel and a visual interface so that no code editing is required. With a responsive website design, Themify is an integrated framework so that doesn’t require child themes.


Designed with non-developers in mind, Gantry features a highly visual layout manager and a wide range of built-in fields for adding custom elements to any website. Gantry is open source and free to download and use at any time.

UUPGRADE TO WordPress 5.1.1

  • PREPARING FOR THE MINIMUM PHP VERSION BUMP The new update includes 14 fixes and enhancements, in total. The release is also an attempt by the core team to ready users for the minimum PHP version bump. It has been proposed PHP version 5.6 be made the minimum requirement for the open-source platform’s subscribers.
  • PHP UNSERIALIZATION VULNERABILITY NGEN images in the .NET Framework no longer contain writable & executable sections. This reduces the surface area available to attacks that attempt to execute arbitrary code by modifying memory that will be executed.
  • CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING (XSS) FLAWS The WordPress 5.1.1 Security and Maintenance release addresses three cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. The first which was very serious was spotted by Simon Scannell of RIPS Technologies. The researcher said that hackers could exploit the bug to hijack an interface. They target interfaces which have comments enabled and fool the administrator to visit a harmful website.
  • UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO YOAST USER ACTIVATION SCREEN Another flaw was discovered by the well-known WordPress plugin development company, Yoast. Its Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular WordPress-related products with over 5 million active installations.The 5-star rated plugin is the first choice of the majority of users who need search engine optimisation help..